As a powerful pixelization, Maria Tonova's work is based on her strong inspiration from the nature and all natural and supernatural phenomens. Excessive details are missed to direct the viewer to a bright, joyful picture. It influences the lyrical beginning, the power of creative intuition.

       Colors do not blaze brightly, they emit a sweet, seductive aroma, gentle moods.
Often in her paintings, the composition is not only in the storyline but also in the combination of sails between them. They are a mosaic that is in the form of wall decoration and can be modulated according to the person who owns it, because from that moment the picture becomes a source of energy.

       Inspired by the sea and the sky, since, according to her, there are hidden the biggest riddles, colors and states. Her vision of things she develops in every detail in everything she sees with her positive thinking. Undoubtedly she pixels another different world in which only nature remains divine.

       The desire to travel and discover, the curiosity of which goes to everything, nourishes her creative world. Her career gives her the opportunity to see things from distance and analyze her work, which does not depend on a complex thought in life, but rather on a world with reflections on creative nature.

       Born in 1993 in the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria in a family of sculptors she grew up in Tryavna, a small town in the Balkans, where she later studied wood carving at the National Art School for Applied Arts.
       After circumstances in her life in 2010, she arrived in France with a strong motivation to continue the training in applied arts in the high school "Leonardo de Vinci" in Montaigu.
       From an early age she is interested in architecture and design, she follows her higher education at the "Design School" in Nantes where she studies spatial design. And then he continued his training in global design at the National Scool of Fine Arts in Angers.